How it Works

Guiding Principles

Collaborative Members enter into a sub-license agreement with the Collaborative, which has a perpetual license agreement with Reciprocitie for use of Club Locker in squash;
All fees charged by Collaborative Member programs are processed via Club Locker;
The Collaborative pays an annual master license fee and the Collaborative receives an additional % to support hosting and maintenance;
The Collaborative determines how to spend or distribute any surpluses generated by the Collaborative (losses are underwritten by the developers);
Members of the Collaborative share responsibility for the governance and strategic direction of the Collaborative guided by the following principles:
Representation in the governance of the Collaborative is proportional to the percentage of revenue generated by all transactions through the system;
All data collected by each member of the Collaborative remains the legal property of the Member;
Collaborative Member nations retain the right to activate ‘local’ partnerships and/or sponsorships and will have access to their inventory and data in Club Locker. Cross licensing agreements between and among members of the Collaborative are anticipated upon mutual agreement;
Revenue from any commercial opportunity realized by the Collaborative (e.g. a global Sponsorship) will be shared with Collaborative Member nations ratably in line with the proportional share of transactional Income through the system, unless otherwise determined by mutual agreement.


As a part of the Global Squash Collaborative, the mission-based focus is reinforced by the fact that the customer and the service provider are effectively the same. Members of the Collaborative, the “owners” of the system, license the Club Locker software-as-a-service (SaaS) at no cost, and have a seat at the table to drive the prioritization and process for the development of future features and enhancements.
All development costs are shared by the Collaborative and ultimately underwritten. Subject to Collaborative approval, a % transaction fee is charged on any transactions through the system.
The system puts no limitations on how any federation chooses to set up its organized play structure or to monetize the value it provides to various constituents.